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Expect a pleasant surprise when you come to the booth for RDM Fish and Shrimp Company at the Grayslake Farmers Market.  Bobby DePalma, owner, quickly explains why his shrimp are so good. “They are only as good as the way they are raised and our method is exceptional.”

Bobby’s shrimp begin life on a special “shrimp farm” that uses a state-of-the-art technique called “aquaponics”. The shrimp grow to market size by moving progressively through rearing ponds of free-flowing water and are fed a special diet of pure, natural foods . No GMO’s, antibiotics or steroids.  When these shrimp are brought to the Grayslake Farmers Market, Bobby points out they are ideal for grilling, sautéing or boiling. He particularly recommends grilling. Just lightly coat each shrimp with good olive oil, grill until “vibrant pink” and serve. Bobby says even the shells taste good, “Like a crunchy seafood snack. But if you prefer them peeled, the shells come off effortlessly.” 

Shrimp appetizers, shrimp salads, shrimp entrées, you name it. Your next visit to RDM Fish and Shrimp Company will certainly expand your menu options this spring, summer and fall.

                                             SPECIAL  THANKS  TO  OUR  SPONSOR  OF  THE  WEEK

                                             SPECIAL  THANKS  TO  OUR  SPONSOR  OF  THE  WEEK

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