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Gimme Granola Has a Better Idea

     Farmers Market vendor Gimmee Granola began as a better idea that founder JoAnn Whalen came up with after becoming dissatisfied with the store-bought granola she kept bringing home. For her, those products had too many oats, too much artificial stuff and not enough flavor. So JoAnn started making her own granola. It was loaded with nuts, lots of wholesome dried fruit, the proper blend of honey and other natural sweeteners, and just the right about of oats.
     What she ended up with quickly caught on. First with her family, next with family friends and then with her friends’ friends. Soon JoAnn found herself jokingly saying “I’ll either have to start selling this or I’m going to go broke.” Gimmee Granola was born. The first product, almonds, raisins & cranberry, was such a hit that it remains a mainstay of Gimme Granola’s product line that now includes such tempting names as Pecan Pie, Vanilla Drizzle and Butterscotch Drizzle.
     On a specialized note, Almond Raisins & Cranberry and Pecan Pie are also offered 100% gluten free. JoAnn takes gluten-free as seriously as the rest of her product line. She purchases those ingredients from suppliers who certify there is no cross-contamination in their plants from products that contain gluten. They even purchase their oats from farmers who raise only oats on their farms, no wheat, barley or other gluten grains.
    As Gimmee Granola has grown, the product line as expanded past granola to include Banana Chips, Apple Chips and a unique product called Popola which consists of granola popcorn covered with buttered brown sugar and baked into a irresistible sweet and salty candy snack.
     So if you want to eat healthy and maybe a little bit naughty too, visit JoAnn at the Gimmee Granola booth. 

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